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CSLinguae WAY is a top-ranked affordable online language learning program that delivers time- and-battle-tested language skills that can be put into action immediately. This powerful and effective language program provides you with the confidence and skills you need to get ahead.

The best way to learn a foreign language

The problem is the amount of “cost-effective” language learning options out there. There are apps, books, YouTube videos, and budget courses. But none of them seem to teach you in a way that you can use the language confidently. And you never get anywhere near fluency. Wouldn’t you love to get beyond just “Hola”, “Bonjour” and “Ciao”?


Unlock your full learning potential with the best instructors

We’ve helped thousands of students around the world expand their horizons
by learning a new language. How? By providing the very best certified native
language instructors on every course.

When you learn from a native, you speak like a local. You learn all the
intricacies of the language and immerse yourself in the culture.


It’s more fun to engage with a native language speaker. Plus learning a new
language is easier this way too.

its high time

It’s time you tried CSLinguae...

We have courses to suit all levels for over 200 different languages. So whether you’re completely new to the language or have some knowledge, we have the course for you.


Not just another boring language learning App

We’re different from most of the language learning resources out there. We don’t use the same old and tired material for everyone.

Language can be complex and we understand that everyone learns differently. That’s why we offer Live interactive courses for our students. So you can interact with your tutor.

And on top of that, we keep our teaching content fresh with a broad range of fun and engaging experiences throughout.

Never get bored or lose motivation learning a foreign language again with CSLinguae.

Learning that fits around your schedule

Choose live classes at times that work for you. And take advantage of the on-
demand online courses available 24/7..

Plus, you can access your course anywhere and from any device.

That’s right, you can get access to our courses on your computer and your
smartphone. We’ve made learning another language convenient and easy for

Follow this guide to selecting your first course with us…

How to pick your current learning level

Why Choose CSLinguae?

Boost your thinking

Improve your memory

More success

Better reading and communication skills

Meet new people with your new language

Improve your career opportunities

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Improve your career opportunities​

Live classes with a certified and experienced native speaking instructor

6 levels of learning so you can start at the level suitable for you

○ Basic level 1 and Basic level 2
○ Intermediate level 1 and Intermediate level 2
○ Proficient level 1 and Proficient Level 2.

Each level has 10 hours of recorded classes and 10 hours of live classes

A certificate of completion at end of each course


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